Developmental Disability Services

In our mission to provide a comprehensive continuum of care to the cognitively disabled.

About Service

In our mission to provide a person-centered program of care to the developmentally disabled, we have made sure to offer services that are geared to serve the specific individualized needs of these clients. Providing them the necessary support required to live their lives safely and actively in a community-based setting is our goal. Most individuals receiving disability services will work with their assigned DDPM to make a referral to a local provider for services. 

Our services include, but are not limited to:
Assistance with meal planning
Staff can assist with the planning of weekly meals and the shopping necessary for these meals. Staff also assist with the preparation of meals to assure a nutritious diet.
Assistance with medication
Staff can assist the person to administer the appropriate medication necessary so they stay as healthy as possible.
Household Skills
To maintain their independence, it is important to have the skills necessary to clean and maintain their own living environment.
Supervision needs
We can provide the necessary support and monitoring to provide a safe and positive environment both at home and within the community.
Training Programs
Due to the variety of individualized needs, our individuals work on areas of skill development to be as highly independent as possible.
Finding Social or Recreational Needs.
Social skills and community connection is critical to every person. It is important that our staff provide a variety of opportunities for our individuals to develop and maintain these friendships.

Our professional team is well-equipped to provide the ideal support specifically designed for each individual client. Our Disability Services can be provided for a few hours every week for up to twenty-four (24) hours a day in an individual’s chosen residence.

For more information about Disability Services, give us a call at 701-255-0300 or send a message to