Elderly Support Services

It is important to assign the ideal caregiver for each person based on skills, interests, attitudes, and personality.

About Service

KAYD Elderly Support Services

 A Program Coordinator will be assigned your case to assist in planning the type of supportive care services needed for your loved one.

A large part of this planning is matching a qualified staff with the individual being served and their needs. It is important to KAYD to assign the ideal caregiver for each person based on skills, interests, attitudes, and personalities, as well as support needs.

KAYD Home Care, LLC provides non-medical supportive services to assist individuals living in their own homes for as long as possible. When you establish a care plan with us, we strive to meet the challenges your loved one has with everyday living.

We believe that being mobile is essential care.
Staff can assist with transporting to and from appointments or other community services and events.
Maintaining Mobility
Physical activity is important. Our staffs are trained and able to provide assistance using a variety of adaptive equipment. Such as wheelchairs, walkers, Hoyer Lifts, Easy-stands, to name a few.
We can provide support for you at your medical appointments.
Meeting Daily Needs
KAYD can support your loved one in the following areas.
Individualized Meal Support
Our staff can assist with meal preparations and provide direct assistance with meals. staff are trained to assist with feeding tubes.
Shopping can be a very taxing activity. Our staff can help with a variety of shopping tasks within the community.
Basic Housekeeping
We help maintain the areas used by the client. Staff will assist with basic cleaning tasks around the home. Such as Vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the clients' bathroom, and picking up after the clients.
Staff can help complete the clients' personal laundry tasks.
Providing high quality skilled personal care services is a commitment KAYD makes to each individual served.
Our Staff can provide support when showering. We can be available for just monitoring or provide physical assistance as needed.
Toileting/Personal Hygiene
Staff can provide assistance with day-to-day personal hygiene. Also, they can assist your loved one with transfers to the toilet and provide incontinence care.
Community Connections
Many individuals with health and mental challenges tend to decline into isolated. KAYD Home Care, LLC strives to ensure your family member that we are able to provide support at this level too. KAYD can provide the support to help them maintain their social connections and lifestyle.
In home entertainment assistance
By staff being present to converse and do activities together will prevent the feeling of isolation. (cards, games, music, television)
Community events
Staff can assist with transportation or guidance in attending a variety of events within the community.
Religious activities
Staff are available to provide transportation to any religious service of the person's choice.

If you have questions or if you think Kayd Home Care, LLC has the services your family needs,
please contact our main office to request an appointment or initial discussion with a Program Coordinator.