Evaluating Your Senior Loved Ones’ Bathroom Safety

Making sure that your senior loved ones are safe at all times is definitely one of your top priorities. You might take advantage of in home supportive services in North Dakota to have someone look after their safety when you are not around.

Additionally, you have to put extra focus on areas of the home where they are exposed to high safety risks. One of these areas is the bathroom. Here are ways on how you can assess the level of safety of your senior loved ones’ bathroom.

  1. Engage in home services
    If you do not currently live under the same roof, it can be hard to really look after their safety. In this situation, a care provider can help determine how safe your aging family members are when using the bathroom or any other room in the house.The provider can conduct an initial home assessment prior to providing the required services. Follow up home assessments will also be conducted to see if modifications are necessary.
  2. Visit regularly
    Of course, you also have a part to play in ensuring bathroom safety for your loved ones. You have to visit them regularly. In this manner, you can personally check the bathroom for any safety hazards. Some of the safety precautions you should take note of include:
    • A towel rod that is loose when you give it a wiggle
      This can be an indication that your loved ones are using the rod as a grab bar. If it is loose and break away, your family members might injure themselves from a fall.
    • A wet floor
      This is a safety hazard. Placing a non-slip mat can help make the floor less slippery and reduce fall risks.
    • Buildup of soap residues on various areas
      This can mean that your loved ones are having troubles cleaning the bathroom by themselves. Engaging supportive service in Bismarck, North Dakota can help keep soap residues from building up.
    • Non-functioning lights
      Dim lights or non-functioning lights can increase the risks of falling in your loved ones in the bathroom. Replace these lights immediately when they are not working anymore.

The safety of your loved ones is definitely a priority. Kayd Home Care, LLC is aware of that. Let us help you in keeping your aging family members safe not only when using the bathroom but also in their living environment. Call us today.This entry was posted in In-Home Care and tagged Bathroom SafetySenior Loved Onessupportive service. Bookmark the permalink.

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